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The project originates from the two procedures already implemented and in use by the 12 Municipalities of the Valdera since the beginning of 2015 concerning the management, issuance and control of labels for the disabled and parking permits and transit in ZTL.
The main characteristic of the two procedures relates to the use of QRCode that is printed on the labels and used by verifiers (traffic police and Auxiliaries Traffic) through a special app for the control.
Also the control phases change the same modalities where instead of starting from a reading of a QRCode one proceeds with that of the RFid inserted inside the frame and that is programmed (like the QRCode) with the link to the database to which, it seems only the case detect it, is accessed with an appropriate authentication.
This is at least the “official and definitive” verification system where, in any case, it is envisaged to expand the coding base with two other “integrated” systems and specifically a sticker to be applied on the frame which represents a QRcode and contains a “Tag” Which therefore allows the verifier an” immediate reading “even in the absence of RFID reading devices.

It is clear that all three “reading points” will contain the same information and in this specific case the univocal code assigned to the bicylcle.
The reading of RFID will take place with appropriate readers or smartphones that are equipped with appropriate technology. In essence the RFid will contain a link with the identifier of the bicycle that redirecting to the database will allow the identification of the record and consequently the possibility to show the operator all the data of the bicycle and its owner.
In case of reading the QRCode and / or the TAG this will happen with the use of a normal smartphone and then we will proceed with the implementation of the specific procedure on the stock anyway of what has already been achieved and existing for disabled marks and parking permits and transit. historical and so on.

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