Ditech Mobility App


This is a procedure integrated into the Ditech Mobility App and related to the payment of parking lots with the use of the smartphone, any other mobile device but also in the desktop and then using a normal computer.

This is thanks to the fact that the application is developed as a web-app allowing access from any type of device regardless of the operating system used.

The procedure involves the creation of a personal “electronic wallet” to be recharged with various payment methods selectable from time to time in relation to your preferences. In particular:


Credit Card:

you can use your credit card without a fee. The transaction will be made through PayPal or credit institutions for which no reference of your card will be registered;



you can make the payment using your PayPal account in complete security;


Bank Transfer:

it will be enough to make a bank transfer to Iban that you will find by selecting the option in the app and use the code that will be provided to be inserted as reason for the bank transfer;



you can recharge your electronic purse in cash at Ditech Srl or authorized Cash Points.

From your e-wallet the amounts of consumption for parking in relation to the used parking time will be deducted.

Pay parking with your smartphone

Rate determined with geolocation

Find places of interest and local services

Maps always up-to-date thanks to Google technology

charging of the electronic purse

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