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From our point of view we believe that the fight against tax evasion can not in itself be represented by a procedure but by a management system that allows gradually to optimize the process of analysis and crossover of data especially with the sharing of the same with others apparatuses or public entities.

Our proposal is mainly based on the offer of data storage and analysis tools offered by Google, our partner in the project, which allows you to achieve analysis and reporting quickly enough and at costs significantly lower than any other solution offered from the market.

But the fight against evasion also means proceeding on more specific areas such as the driveways, the signs and the occupation of public land.

In these areas we have developed a mapping system of those types of authorization that allow the auditor to make an effective and effective survey simply by using their smartphone on which they can identify the authorizations granted, those not paid or forms of illegal or otherwise irregularities.

Mapping and control of Carriageable Steps

Mapping and Control Advertising Signs

Mapping and Monitoring Public Land Employment

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